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Tommy Tom-Tom Thompson

// drums


Tom-Tom, the bandleader and founder was born with a beat in his hands.  Tom-Tom is optimistic seeing and inspiring the best in his friends. He loves to draw if he is upset or isn’t playing one of his drums.

Tom-Tom’s musical influences include TV on the Radio, Living Color, Van Halen, Questlove, Elvin Jones and Journey.  

Bria Ava Maria Bass

// bass


The youngest and newest band member, Bria Ava Maria Bass takes great comfort in her upright bass (sometimes even using the case as an actual cover!)  Bria is sensitive and afraid of...most everything.  She loves to talk things out, especially when she is upset.

Bria’s musical influences include Ron Carter, Esperanza Spalding, Alice Coltrane, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Bjork.  

Kalvin Thaddeus Keys

// keyboards


Introverted and studious, Kalvin Thaddeus Keys enjoys spending time with the extensive collection of vinyl records he inherited from his father. Observant and patient, Kalvin draws from wisdom imparted on him from home before acting.  He loves to write  if he is upset or isn’t playing his keyboard.

Kalvin’s musical influences include D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Geri Allen, Thelonius Monk and Herbie Hancock.

EmCee Feedback

// singer


EmCee Feedback was first to join The UmoJamz and works to keep the band centered and focused (she keeps the train running).  She is patient, kind and encourages positive action from everyone.  DJ knows not to cross EmCee. She loves to sing if she is upset. She also love to sing when she is happy.

EmCee’s musical influences include The Supremes, Patti Labelle and The Bluebells, Ronnie Spector, Mariah Carey, Queen and Aretha Franklin.  


Samuel L Saxxon

// saxophone


Samuel L Saxxon and Tom-Tom met on a hike and have been friends and bandmates ever since. Sammy wears his loving heart on his sleeve.  He tells it like it is and holds no punches.

Sammy is the only child. He starts his day in meditation and uses this strategy when he is feeling uneasy. 

Sammy’s musical influences include Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders,Grover Washington, Jr, and Maceo Parker.  


Gabriel de Guitar

// guitar


Gabriel de Guitar is enthusiastic, full of energy and well intentioned.  He loves playing electric and acoustic guitars in addition to learning new dance moves like salsa and pointe but is a bit clumsy.  He loves to dance!

Gabriel’’s musical influences include Prince, Donna Summer, Niles Rodgers and Chic, Jimi Hendrix, Sheila E., James Brown, Michael Jackson, Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine and Santana  



// dj


DJ is the neighborhood bully.  He lives right next door to Tom-Tom.  Well intentioned but unfiltered and brusque, his inquisitions and taunts insult the band.   DJ preaches self centeredness but secretly craves to be a member of The UmoJamz. He's still working to develop his emotional and social strategy skills. 

DJ’s musical influences are: Run DMC, The Beastie Boys, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, David Bowie and Marvin Gaye.  

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