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It's Kwanzaa Time!

Enjoy the following activities to celebrate Kwanzaa along with The UmoJamz.

Design Your Own Mkeka

The mkeka mat symbolizes the foundation that our communities are built upon. Symbols such as those for the first fruits of the harvest, corn for the children and the unity cup are placed on the mkeka during celebrations.


Each color holds a special meaning:

Green - Growth, Harvest

Red - Blood, Strength

Black - The People, Spirit,Power

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Set your Kwanzaa Goals

An important activity for Kwanzaa is setting goals for the upcoming year.  Take some time to reflect and formulate this year’s goals. Here is a list of The UmoJamz goals. What are yours? Share them with us!

  • Umoja (Unity) - Write a goal to bring unity into your life.

  • Ujima (Collective work) - Responsibility. Write a goal for doing work for your community.

  • Ujamaa (Cooperative economics) - Write a goal to support businesses owned by people of color.

  • Kujichagulia (Self-determination) - Write a goal for how you will persevere when it gets tough.

  • Nia (Purpose) - Write a goal for your purpose/mission.

  • Imani (Faith) - Write a goal for how you will increase your faith.

  • Kuumba  (Creativity) - Write a goal for how you will express your creativity.

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Karaoke Party

Sing along with The UmoJamz hit, “It’s Kwanzaa Time!” and others.

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